Lindy Static Shielding Bags Medium 150 x 200mm 50 pack


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A static safe environment for safe storage or transportation of static sensitive devices. Open top bag. Dimensions: 150 x 200mm. 3 Layer construction. Total thickness: 4.3mil (75 micrandgt;. Capacity probe test (high voltage discharge):. Surface Resistivity:. Light Transmission: andlt;45%. Static decay test (5000 volts to 0 volt):. Tensile strength (psi): MD:6505 TD:7820. Tear strength (lbs): MD: 41.35 TD: 34.18. Supplied in packs of 50 bags. These reliable and durable Anti Static Bags provide a complete static safe environment. They are just what you need for storing and transporting static sensitive devices like electronic components.

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