Lindy VGA to DVI Analogue Adapter Cable – DVI-I Female (Analogue) to VGA Male. 0.2m


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Connectors: DVI-I (Analogue) Female to VGA 15 Way HD Male. 10 Year Warranty. Length: 0.2m. ?? Please note: The DVI-I Female connector used in this adapter cable mates to the analogue pins incorporated in the DVI-I interface to send the analogue VGA signals to your monitor. It does not convert VGA analogue signals to DVI digital! This high-quality adapter cable allows you to connect a computer with a VGA output to a monitor or projector with a DVI-I analogue input. To use. simply plug it into the VGA port on your computer and then use a Male to Male DVI-I cable to connect it to your display. ?? Many modern graphics cards feature both DVI-I (digital and analogue) and VGA (analogue) connectors. This adapter cable is useful when you want to connect the two analogue signals from a computer equipped with one of these cards to two DVI-I displays.

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